The Rise of Mecha Chocolate Guy is an Abandoned YTP by Cartoonlover98 which was uploaded on Mar 3, 2015


!!! READ THE DESCRIPTION, YA BUM !!! I'm finally getting rid of my old crappy laptop soon which also means all my files will soon be history. However, I didn't wanna let this video go to waste, so I thought I'd share with you all the remains of my scrapped 10k sub project.

I first started on this way back in early 2014 as my 10k sub special, which explains why the editing looks shitty. At first, I was having fun and put in about a good few months of work into this. But as time went on, I was slowly beginning to struggle with ideas and inspiration which just made the experience progressively unpleasant for me. It was also holding me back from making anymore YTPs Overtime, I was growing more and more unsatisfied with how this video was turning out, and I felt it just seemed like a desperate knock-off of other story-driven poops like Skellington's Revenge and Mr. Krabs' Unquenchable Blood Lust, so eventually I just said "fuck it" and gave up. Long story short, I will never finish this poop.

But hey, don't let an artist's point of view ruin the experience for you. So enjoy the poop that never was...




  • Rudolph The Red Noise Raindeer (1964)
    • Toy Story

TV Shows

  • Jay Jay The Jet Plane
    • Thomas The Tank Engine & Friends
    • Robot Chicken
    • Barney & Friends
    • Bananas in pyjamas

Web Videos 

    • Nostalgia Critic
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