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95Shade was a YouTube Pooper that has made roughly 40 SpongeBob Poops. He is known mainly for his "battle poops", where several characters fight. The prime example of this is the video Weegee vs MOAR vs The Buttler vs Kaepora Gaebora, which is the sequel to the poop I Like Squidward.


In late 2014/early 2015, 95Shade's account was terminated. At first, it was unknown who did it. However, he later stated on Facebook that it was those dumb fucks at Viacom who was responsible. Fortunately, he survived this. He was one of the very few poopers who took the time to back their poops up in their computer, so he was able to make a second channel with all of his old poops on it. In case this happens again, he made a third channel as an extra backup. He lives on to this very day, although it is currently unknown if he will make more poops.


  • It is heavily implied that his favorite character is Weegee.
  • He made a guest appearance as a Hitman in the WarnerBrothers video, THE HITMAN