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A Poo Dudes Adventure is a YTP made by Vimeo user The Dankest Dorito . It is the first ever YTP made by The Dankest Dorito. It is also based on a healthy eating program named "Food Dudes".


Robbie Rotten sits down on his chair with a bowl of popcorn in his hand, reaches for the remote and then turns on his TV. He sees the opening intro for Space Douches (a parody of French animated TV series Space Goofs, and the intro is also another video uploaded by The Dankest Dorito) but changes the channel. He sees the end of a commercial for the NSPCCM (National Society Prevention of Cruelty from Chocolate Milk) but changes the channel. He then settles with an episode of Poo Dudes (a mixture between the old and new Food Dudes) but when the ending song plays, he turns off his TV. A text then appears at the end saying "i wish charmx would react to this even tho its on vimeo".

Characters/People In This Video

• Robbie Rotten 

• Jug of chocolate milk (for NSPCCM ad)

• Tohm

• Rahz 

• Rockohe

• Cha-lee

• N&A Productions (in Poo Dudes episode)

• Dustin the Turkey (in Poo Dudes episode)

• Woman (with Dustin, in Poo Dudes episode)


• In this video, Rahz has huge muscles and abs. 

• The name 'Poo Dudes' is a play on Food Dudes.

• This is one of the YTPs uploaded to Vimeo.

• In the scene where Dustin the Turkey raps, the instrumental of Toasty Buns from PaRappa the Rapper 2 plays.