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Achille12345 is the video maker, who used to make YouTube Poops like The last stand against WeeGee, Gay Luigi snaps, The Random Game, I'll take a potato chip and eat it! (all) and many more. Nowadays, he doesn't label his videos as YouTube Poops, as they are no longer just clip edits, but projects with a lot of animations (Skies of CD-I Legends, CD-I Pokémon Tournament).

Achille12345's YouTube icon.

Youtube career

Achille12345 has joined YouTube in 22 May 2006. He lives in Koridai, though his native language could possibly be French (as he is a fan of Joueur du Grenier, a game reviewer similar to The Angry Video Game Nerd). At the time, he wasn't doing any YTP's, but he was uploading final boss battle footage of the RPG games he was playing. When YTP's were beginning to get popular, he started watching them, and after enjoying them, tried doing videos like that himself. Now it's a good hobby of his and he does them to this day.

Achille12345 is well known for poor grammar in his videos, but that is usually disregarded as his video editing skills are superb. Nowadays, his English language skills have significantly improved, though he admits it is far from perfect. He has over 3300 subscribers.

His current project is the CD-I Pokémon Tournament series.


  • Achille12345 is a fan of Dragon Ball Z. You can see that many of his videos are inspired by this show.
  • He enjoys playing RPG games. His favorite ones are Ogre Battle 64, Skies of Arcadia, Quest 64, Lost Odyssey, Paper Mario TTYD, Tales of -Series-, etc.
  • Achille12345's favorite YouTube Poop sources are Hotel Mario and Zelda CD-I.