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Admiral Briggs is a Navy Admiral that basically became an internet meme for the overusage of the word 'cocksucker'(come to think of it, he has met someone named Cocksucker).

He has a pure hatred for the SDC General Tian Zhao.


He originated from the shit of the Great Mighty Poo. A time later, GMP exhile Briggs from Poo land for trying to betray him with Hirohito. Admiral Briggs met later Penn Jillette, a idiotic lazy who waste his life in United States of America. Admiral Briggs and Penn Jillette got married but they divorced because the baby was hideous.

A time later, Briggs worked in Krab Krusty but in a short time he was beat by Spengbab and Rick-Pat and Moar Krabs fired him for not being able to protect himself. Briggs joined the Soviet Forces where he was proclaimed Admiral but when Joseph Stalin was murdered by a Koridan, Admiral Briggs trained with Fizzy Walnuts to destroy that Koridan. Unfortunately that didn't work, because Admiral Briggs was beat and buried alive in the Cemetery and his coffin is equipped with air conditioning and with that, he will live forever buried 10 meters underground.



  • Duncan
  • Nazis
  • Not being able to fight