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Billy Mays is a famous Ad.

Ads were an invading species that tried to take over YouTube Poop World from 2027 to 2039. They began one of YouTube Poop World's longest wars, the Ads War.


Ads existed in YouTube Poop World for centuries. They have been noted for being the fastest evolving species, in both physical form and intelligence. At some point, they started to appear like other life forms starting with the birth of Billy Mays. For centuries, the Ads hidden in the shadows. They would subtly trick idiots into buying useless shit they don't need, which gave the Ads power.

In 2025, the Ads decided that wasn't enough. So they evolved to the point where they can invade a host and take over their body. They then decided to take over YouTube Poop World by taking over the bodies of every being in YouTube Poop World. The other lifeforms, however, didn't want to become infected by Ads so they fought back. The Ads War began. [[Category:]]