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Adventure Bay is a seaside town and the main setting of a shitty show named Paw Patrol. It was destroyed in 2019.


Adventure Bay was founded in 2013 August 12th. People from there lived peacefully until Ryder moved in. Ryder stole many dogs from Adventure Bay and stole many police officers and firefighters' jobs. Ryder told everyone that dogs are better than humans, causing many people began to hate Ryder. People complained to Mayor Goodway about Ryder and told her to kicked him out from Adventure Bay. However, Ryder is so cunning that Mayor Goodway couldn't get rid of him. So Mayor Goodway has nothing to do but team up with Mayor Humdinger to exile Ryder from Adventure Bay and succeeded.


In 2019, Adventure Bay was destroyed by Marisa because she hates Ryder and think that Adventure Bay is Ryder's hometown. However, Marisa had no idea that Ryder is already exiled from the town and was shocked that Ryder is still alive.