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Al Frankenstein in 2015.

Al Frankenstein (Also known as Al Franken) was the previous Governor of Minnesota, and possibly the worst. He triggered the Wumbo Revolution, establishing the Wumbo Party as a powerful party in the state.

Comedy career

Al Frankenstein started his adult life as a mediocre comedian. Even during his prime, he got at most 500 people per performance. His income was low, forcing him to constantly think of more ideas. His brain was believed to be stunted by this, which explains his decline in intelligence. His career began declining as well during the rise of YTP.

His last performance was cancelled due to the auditorium bring buried under the snow of Minnesota.

Rise In Power

Frankenstein began to get desperate. With no job, and no money, he did the one thing he knew how; Appeal to the masses by scaring them with his bad comedy. He instantly got elected.

His election to governor in 2016 marked an important period. He began short circuiting, and for a short time, believed that invading the Neighbor: North Dakota was the best action to take.

His failure to do anything policy wise caused many to fret. For the first time, in 2017, the Wumbo Party surpassed the Democratic Party, and the Murica party declined to just 0.37% of the vote.

It has also been revealed that Frankenstein touched a woman's breast while she was sleeping under orders from Ganon.