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Alphys Sprite.png
Full Name
Aliases Dr. Alphys
Background Information
Hometown The Underground
Status Alive
Occupation Doctor, Royal Scientist
Alignment Chaotic Good
Source Undertale
Sexual Orientation Lesbian
Religion Believes in her favorite anime
Physical Description
Species Lizard
Gender Female
Hair Color Yellow (just like her skin)
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Height Slightly shorter than Frisk
Breast Size Surprisingly Flat
Power Level 2
Friends *Frisk
  • Core Frisk (helped her see different characters from different AUs)
  • Gaster
  • Asgore
Enemies Error Sans
Date Joined

Alphys is a Weeaboo, a Scientist and is also a yellow lizard. Her favorite anime is "Mew Mew Kissy Kitty", a parody of Tokyo Mew Mew.


Alphys was a royal scientist with Gaster for a long time, until he fell into The CORE by Drew Pickles. She felt very sad and insane without Gaster. After the war, there are several fallen monsters that need to be revived. She tried to inject determination into the fallen monsters. At first it was a success, until the day after. All of the revived monsters have been melted together to make The Amalgamates. This was a problem to her, so she hid the Amalgamated in the True Lab and not let them go to their families. This results in several angry monsters and out of this topic, a nice looking tea cup. After Frisk has spared the Amalgamates and re-powered the True Lab, Alphys then decide to return the Amalgamated to their families. Everyone felt happy that their family member came back, even though they are amalgamated.

But let's go back to when Alphys made the Amalgamates, because while she was reviving the fallen monsters, she also built Mettaton's body and created Flowey, which left the lab to visit Frisk.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Mew Mew Kissy Kitty (Favorite Anime)
  • Cory In The House (Second favorite "Anime")
  • The Mettaton project


  • Pokémon (Least favorite Anime)
  • The Fallen Monster Project
  • Reviewing the Amalgamates


  • Alphys is a skilled hacker. This can be seen when Alphys hacked the fire wall and hacked the lasers if you are not too good at.
  • While in the Omega Timeline, but outside of the New YTP world, are have sawn 5 Frisks, 3 Sanses, 5 Gasters, 6 Undynes, and 4 other Alphyses.