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AniMat Full Appearance.png
Full Name Mat Brunet
Aliases AniMat
Background Information
Likes Walt Disney Company
Pixar Animation Studios
Want "shutdown" Sony Animation
Dislikes Sony Pictures Animation (most loathe)
Cloudy films, Hotel Transylvania and the infamous Emoji Movie
Every Sony related
Constructive criticisms
Nationality Canadian
Occupation Animation Critic/Historian
Founder/CEO of S.A.D. (Bring Sony Pictures Animation to Death)
Alignment Good, until Bad (when he noticed Sony related or criticisms)
Sexual Orientation
Physical Description
Species Human
Gender Male
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color
Breast Size
Power Level
Friends Mickey Mouse
Iggy and Lemmy Koopa
Green Homer
Mephiles the Dark
Enemies Official-PSASD (nemesis)
Official-PSASD friends (Jake The 2nd, CamHead, ect.)
YouTube Channel
Channel ElectricDragon505
Date Joined
Subscribers 126K

"Hey, what's up guys! This is AniMat!"
– His introduction

Mat Brunet (known as AniMat or ElectricDragon505) is an Canadian YouTuber, animation critic and historian who reviews modern and classic animated movies and cartoons from Walt Disney Animation, DreamWorks and more, AniMat is also infamous for hatred towards to Sony Pictures Animation by calling the studio as "'Charles Manson and/or Donald Trump' of Animation" and can't handle constructive criticism from everyone who liked Sony Animation.

Although he's a really good person (most of the time) in real life, in Official-PSASD's YTP universe where he was considered as one of the main antagonist along with Green Homer, Iggy and Lemmy Koopa, Mephiles the Dark and other villains due to Mat's extreme loathe to Sony Animation that he wants it to "shutdown". AniMat will be the main antagonist in the upcoming YTP Story.


Mat Brunet has made multiple minor appearances from every Official-PSASD YTP's that he's threaten towards Sony Animation and even everyone who criticize him or even liked the studio.

Mat has first appeared as antagonist in The Shrimpsons: Teahouse of Lorror: 𝓣𝓗𝓔 π“Ÿπ“‘π“”π“ π“€π“”π“›, Homer Simpson is tried to fixed the toaster until he travel in time that he accidently causes the timeline alters. One notable alternate timeline where Mat Brunet rules the entire population of Earth and successfully destroyed Sony Pictures Animation by burning the studio into the ground, Mat heard a criticism from Homer which he send Homer and his family into re-education by watching Mat singing "I'm Too Sexy" and nude at the same time, it cause Homer in a panic and he run back to the toaster to sent him back in time to fix it.

Later in the same Poop, Green Homer fell and trapped in the pitch-black room which the only one who lived was Iggy and Lemmy Koopa, Mephiles the Dark and other hidden villains, one person told to Green Homer that he could help them to find the way out which it was revealed to be Mat Brunet.






  • Despite his hatred towards to Sony Pictures Animation in reality. He later begins to apologize in 2017 since he was become so harsh to Sony Animation and can't handle opinions from everyone who liked the studio, he later gives the company a second chance and he rewarded to Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse for AniMat Seal of Approval.
  • TBA.