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Anti-BT handgun
Anti-BT handgun is a lethal weapon
Vital statistics
Type Lethal anti-BT weapon
Liquid-shooting weapon
Effects Direct hit damage similar to traditional firearms
Corrosive damage (Corrosive liquids)
Can kill BTs (Any kind of blood)
Immobilizes targets including vehicles (Adhesives, including SCP-170)
Source Death Stranding
Cost to buy $6,400
Cost to sell $6,000

"A handgun shoots a supersonic blood blob"
YTP: Weapons

MA-BIS Anti-BT Handgun is a lethal anti-BT weapon originally designed specifically for BTs, this handgun fires supersonic transfusion rounds charged with repatriate's blood to affect BTs. Each shot can be charged up with more blood to increase damage. As with other hematic weapons, any blood can be used for different purposes.

Anti-BT handgun and it's rifle counterpart are weapons that shoots a blob of blood at supersonic speed and can be modified to fire any kind of liquid as bullets. Both anti-BT handguns and anti-BT rifles are liquid-based weapons in YouTube Poop.

The effects of anti-BT handgun depends on different kinds of liquid used as ammo. The adhesive ammo will slows down enemies and allows more time to neutralize them with non-lethal weapons, but the direct hit is lethal and you're better off shoot the adhesive down the floor instead of directly hitting them for neutralizing enemies in non-lethal way.


MA-BIS is a handgun that shoots a blob of liquid of any sorts, it usually uses a blood. These bullets made of liquid of any sort is lethal at high velocities.


  • Unlike Death Stranding, hematic weapons except non-lethal hematic rounds and EX grenades are lethal to humans even though is designed for BTs.
    • Anti-BT weapons in YouTube Poop are lethal and draws twice the blood.
      • Anti-BT handguns are exception to this difference, but it still lethal because of bullets this weapon fired is supersonic.
  • Shooting armor-piercing rounds from anti-BT handgun requires more blood.
  • Anti-BT handgun and anti-BT rifles loaded with adhesive can be act as Glue Gunner from Bloons TD6, as adhesive can actually affects mobility of living entities and vehicles.
    • The type of adhesive used dictates the effect of this weapon.
    • The effects of cyanoacrylate ammo is similar to MOAB Glue as vehicles are affected by adhesive rounds.
      • SCP-170 as ammo has effects very similar to Super Glue as it can inflicts double damage and even physical damage over time to targets, and immobilizing targets, including vehicles as well.