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Antone himself

Antone is an evil form of Sonic 's former friend, Antoine D'coolette. But a lot worse. Also he is a spirit that seeks revenge against all his enemies and thirsts for blood (something like BEN Drowned).


He was born from being created from a cauldron with the mix of Antoine's DNA and boiling vodka with Billy May 's saliva and Evil King's cubic hair in it creating Antone to rise out of the cauldron. But where was he created? He was created in a Cauldron by The Evil King behind the Cum Bucket. Antone threw Evil King into Koridai. So Antone was created on 1337 when Evil King used a time machine. Antone went into the time machine and flew to present day. Antone lives in the sewers of Tentacle acres. Antone curses the people who enter his lair or a room that the door is on the sewer wall.

Cursed Souls


If being cursed by Antone, nothing will happen. But after death, the cursed victims afterlife will be a giant room with no door to get out. So Antone will be giant in the cursed afterlife trying to squash the victim's soul and skull. Antone doesn't always curse and is also knowed that he kills sometimes where his murder victims will be sent to that afterlife.