Arcade Craniacs

"How we get this red imposter, and how we regret it every second...)Arcade craniacs before the "demonic" red imposter teleported.


Yo, WOW, what's up guys right now we at McDonald's and it is currently 3 in the morning!

Arcade craniacs
Full Name Edward Centino
Background Information
Status Alive
Likes Being a fucking dumbass (duh), attention-seeking.
Dislikes apology videoes, cancel culture.
Nationality 'Murica
Alignment Chaotic good
Sexual Orientation Gay
Physical Description
Gender Male
Age 29
Hair Color Yellow (Black, previously)
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Brown
Height Unknown
Weight Unknown
Breast Size
Power Level 0 (normally)

1896-1999 (If used drugs)

Date Joined

Arcade craniacs, Aka "Edward" Is a depressed American 29 Years-old attention-seeking dipshit that dwells in his mother basement (Currently living in his apartment with his ex-wife), He's likes making 3 am videos and thus making kids dumber than before. He is also highly addicted to drugs, and have brought drugs from Mr. Crack before, and having crazy hallucinations after thus making insane amount of energy to stay awake at 3 am. He is also sexually gay, and have been attracted to among us rule 34, (63) before and accidently have been married to red among us before during the makings of among us happy meal 3 am videos and currently have been divorced.

Powers and Abilities

Arcade craniacs has access to 3am items, this include.

  • Any character of potions.
  • Capable of spawning evil versions of characters, and anomalous buildings.
  • Household objects, knifes, foods, etc.
  • Increasing the impossible chances of survival and also somehow luck around him.

His "profound videos"

His videos include,

His channel

His channel consists a bunch of brainwashing fake 3 am videos that makes dumb kids dumber than before. He's has 1.77 Million brainwashed kids, he started making videos at the age of 25.

and started making 3 am videos at his basement, he got a decent attraction following. then at the age of 27 he got kicked out of the house. (because his mother told him to get a "life".) currently he been married to Niki, and brought a "decent price" apartment, (unless his bills are piling up.) and others youtubers started making fun of him thus making him more popular than before, he is also "self aware" all of this, and his content he making it.

His Labor intensive business

He partnered with china and Youtube (to share 42% of his revenue and also doesn't get terminated off the website too.) so he can get all the slaves to edits his videos 24 hours, and after 24 hours has passed, he torture them to the furries, having a labor intensive business bound to have problems they have some few controversy due to his slave business. some also associated him being a communist, conspiracy theorist says, but some may seem dubious and slandering him to the point his reputation went down to respected to disrespected, but unfortunately for them you can't fight back a person who partnered with china thus making people arrested and ASSASSinated.


  • Rule 34 (63) among us art.
  • Dissecting immovable plushies, fnaf, sonic, among us, etc.
  • Gays.
  • LGBT Community.
  • sus amogus😳
  • People who likes his cumtent.
  • China
  • Youtube
  • Attention


  • Homophobic people.
  • James Charles.
  • "Apology" videos.
  • David Dobrik and Among us who made him watch his apology videos.
  • People who fucking dislikes his content.
  • REEEEE cancel culture.
  • Depressio.
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