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Armonia Unity Flag.png
Armonia Unity of the Midwest/アルモニアユニティ/Armonia unité du Midwest/Armonische Einheit des Mittleren Westens/Unidad Armonia del Medio Oeste
Background Information
Demonym Armonian
Capital Davison
Final Year
Population 37 million
Government Type
Gini coefficient
Official Language English
Current Leader Coolautiz
National Anthem
Today Part of
Record High
Record Low
Summer Temperature
Winter Temperature
Other Notes
Currency 1 Credit = 100 s
Gross Domestic Product
GDP per capita
Working population
Unemployment rate
Exchange rate to the US-Dollar
Troops 750000
Annual Military Spending 175 million Credits
(175 million dollars)
Budget per soldier
Preceded by State of Michigan (United States of America), Part of the Province of Ontario & most of the Province of Manitoba (Koridai)
Succeeded by

The Armonia Unity of the Midwest (Spanish: Unidad Armonia del Medio Oeste) or Armonia Unity for short, is a UNSC backed nation recently founded after the end of The Hunt on June 25, 5015 as a result of Niko Bellic defeating The Joker (though he escaped) with a flagpole that bares the second Hunter flag, which is now the nation's flag.

Armonia is Spanish for "Harmony".


Battle for Detroit

The fight in Detroit was what founded Armonia Unity. After Joker's slaying, The Hunters proceeded to acquire The U.S. State of Michigan and parts of the Koridan Provinces of Ontario and Manitoba to form it.

Creepypastas are not welcome in Armonia Unity.

Plankton's Invasion

Three years later in the year 5018, Plankton created another Duplicatotron, called the Duplicatotron OVER 9000!, in which he tried to create robotic clones of Vegeta to try and demolish most of the major cities. However, just like before, he forgot one serious detail. As a result, he ended up creating clones of Jimmy Nutrin. The clones started baking aggressive pizzas and throwing them at people. The Sentinel Task Force rounded up all of the clones and banished them to Hell. As for the Duplicatotron OVER 9000!, it was kicked into a pit by John Cena. After the incident, Plankton was sentenced to spending the next 69 decades in the Hyrule State Prison.



  • Humans - 75%
  • Saiyans - 30%
  • Sangheili - 22%
  • Ponies - 14%



  • English - 86%
  • French - 44%
  • Spanish - 40%
  • Japanese - 33%
  • German - 17%
  • Sangheili - 12%

Notable People

Notable Residents

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