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Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit





Comedy Genres:

Ribaldry, black comedy, surreal humor

Arthur's Massive, Throbbing Hit is one of WalrusGuy's most famous YouTube Poops. It is a far more graphic parody of the infamous episode of the Arthur television series known as "Arthur's Big Hit."


Arthur is in his room, showing D.W. the Robotnik-approved model penis he is building. D.W. touches it and it cums everywhere. A furious Arthur proceeds to brutally beat up his sister and rip out her internal organs (which D.W. miraculously survives). His mother yells "ARTHUR TIMOTHY READ, COME HERE!" in an angry tone of voice.

In the kitchen, Arthur's father amputates D.W.'s arm with a chainsaw while his mother forces him to apologize to his sister. Arthur refuses and shows his mother the penis, saying that he told D.W. repeatedly to stop touching it and that it's "kinda sideways at the end of the day."

The next day at school, Arthur tells Binky that he dropped his penis and Binky punches him out. As the screen cuts to black, D.W. is heard asking why Arthur won't wake up and their father says that he thinks Arthur is dead.


  • Voice clips from the episode "So Long, Spanky" are used.
  • The clips that show blood splattering everywhere are from the anime Neon Genesis Evangelion.