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Auntie Mabel with PinePy

Auntie Mabel is a racist, sexist and homophobic old woman who lives with her gender bent dog PinePy and flies around in her spotty aeroplane that she always crashes. She has a fondness of the saying GOOD 'N' STRONG (tm) and owns a gun. At the beginning of one episode she is talking to herself, when her dog PinePy arrives with her breakfast (which is a newspaper). Following this, she finds one piece of stale bread which she says is "very soft". Afterwards she is preparing a jizzy birthday present when she declares that she will "show us where jiz comes from".

After that, she begins to masturbate furiously. After telling us a pornographic story about her and PinePy having sex, she flies away on her spotty plane and arrives at a post office. Mabel sees her letter and many others going into a giant slit at the post office which she thinks is just like tumblr. She then asks a man for sex but he turns her down. She then goes to the bakery and has but sex with a person there. During this she gets cum on her face. After leaving the GOOD 'N' STRONG bakery her and PinePy go to a crazy parade were she sings about beating children. Finally, she goes home and tells PinePy she is a dog.


  • Her Spotty plane
  • In the Nazeege Crisps
  • Edie Featherstone
  • Insulting black people
  • Having sex with pipinPy
  • Taking about boobs
  • Jizz-in-the-gifttag
  • Jizzbag
  • Jizzkerchiefs
  • Showing us where jizz comes from
  • Using jizzkerchiefs
  • Poo
  • Visiting the sewers
  • Smirking
  • Cooking Children
  • sex
  • The Walking Dead
  • GTA
  • Doctor Who
  • Fortnite


  1. PinePy (she slaps the dog a lot, and kills the dog on her plane)
  2. School Children
  3. Wet Feet
  4. Black People
  5. Muslims, Pakistanis, nearly everyone
  6. Her Spotty plane, when it crashes
  7. Her Feet
  8. being denied sex.
  9. Wild Animal Baby Explorers because they take the shit out of her.
  10. Alanna Flax-Clark
  11. Sady Paulson
  12. Win Whittaker
  13. Mario Garcia 
  14. Klevian C.
  15. Horrid Henry