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"Come with me...."

Azathoth is the main antagonist of YouTube Poop The Movie. He is the ruler of the Outer Gods, the founder of Ousk corporation, jagar tharn's partner, and woody's main arch-rivil. He is voiced by The Posthumous, The Director of the film. He also serves as the main antagonist of the YTP Extended Universe.


Azathoth was born in the beginning of the universe, where he created the outer gods and cosmic chaos, he would eventually proclaim himself as the "creator of the universe", believing that he created the universe as his dream. Azathoth starts in a endless slumber, where his servants with flutes and drums, play horrific music to keep him from awakening. His son, Nyarlathotep would do all of his biddings. But the Outer gods feared that Azathoth would wake up from his slumber and end all of existence, so they created the master emerald that would destroy Azathoth forever. As many years passed. Imperfect cell disguises as Nyarlathotep and traveled through Bikini bottom and met Karen Plankton to make a deal with her. Karen, since she is a worshipper of the Outer Gods agreed with cell, and tricks Plankton into making a Dimensional doorway that leads to the center of the universe, where azathoth is sleeping at. Plankton accidently awoken the great god, and Azathoth begins to see all of existence, being disgusted by all of the things he had seen in the corrupted world, he decided to end all life. But before he can do that, he wanted to spread fear throughout the earth, to show how everything in existence is pointless to his "perfect world".

So he kept Plankton as his captive, and tried to find some of his worshippers to serve him. He found jagar tharn, and the two of them team up. They build an evil organization called Ousk corporation, He also revived General Grievous and reformed the separatists and become a part of his army. He forces Plankton to rebuild the duplicatotron 30000 to create an army of robots in order to form his army. When woody was rescuing a squeaky toy name wheezy, Azathoth flies from the sky and grabs woody as his captive. Buzz made a attempt to save his friend from the evil god, but was stopped by jagar tharn. (Who is invisible) not only he did he capture woody, but he also captures Stinky Pete. Jessie, and Bullseye. He deceives Pete by telling him that he spare there lives if woody joins them and return them to the museum. If woody doesn't stay, he threatens to melt them down in the volcano.



  • Azathoth is the first lovecraftian character to be featured in a YTP video.
  • Azathoth is the very first antagonist to be featured in the YTP extended universe.
  • His voice was pitched by the posthumous to make it sound demonic, it makes sense since he is a demon.
  • Azathoth is aware that God existed, even though they never interact with each other. He doesn't want to believe God created the universe, and believes himself as the "creator of the universe"
  • His theme song in the film is Ghost. One of the few soundtracks from Powerdirector, which is the source that Posthumous uses to create his movie.
  • Azathoth truly doesn't really care about Ousk Corporation, nor Jagar Tharn, the only things that he cares about is his family and the Outer gods. He only made Ousk to aid in his goal to end the universe.
  • In the movie, Azathoth represents Woody's fear of being thrown away.
  • Like the Black Hiver, Azathoth has no comedic moments.