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BEN Drowned is Link's statue that appears when you play Elegy of Emptiness. But Ben is known as the haunted Majora's Mask of Jadusable. He is a bastard spirit, which forces you to end the fucking game, in a macabre and perverted version.


Ben the emo child

Before being a statue with the face of shigeru miyamoto when he was a child, Ben was a little boy emo who cut his wrists after being mocked bythe Joker, leaving him in the trunk. Ben was known for being very dork and schizophrenic. He loves sadomasochism when nobody sees him and has an IQ of -10 IQ.

Drown by Krab Krusy

A day, he was abused by Moar Krabs because Ben didn't pay a Nasty Patty. Moar Krabs with Spengbab and Rick-pat beat him and threw Ben into a lake, Ben (who couldn't swim) died drowned. Moar Krabs proceeded to fill petrol Lake Hylia. Then, he lit a match and threw it to the lake burning Ben.

Ben Drowned lives

However, when they believed he was dead, Ben left the lake and proceed to beat them up. Ben threw them a ball of light sending them to shit. Ben explained the reason why he got those powers was due to Cyrus who was sick of watching Spengbab and Rick-pat being better criminals than him.