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And that's why Caillou was disowned by PBS when he went to Africa.

"Caillou Goes to Africa" is the actual 13th episode of Season 2. It was the reason that sent PBS (The Public Broadcasting Service) into poverty, because the episode was bad-mouthed, racist, sexist, and mad fucking hilarious. Also, it wasn't "educational." (Seriously, why must so many TV shows get ruined by education?) When it aired, it was rated TV-MA because of Caillou eating his own shit, violent scenes, and talk of homosexuality/rape.

Plot of the Episode

Today was the day Caillou was supposed to be taken to the circus. He got ready for the day (and Epic Failed) all by himself so he could get there ASAP. But Caillou's dad tells Caillou that the circus trip isn't until today. (?) Caillou's parents try to cheer him up with circus breakfast, but Caillou rejects his cookies and demands to have vegetables. It takes several months to get Caillou to calm down. To make up for the circus, Caillou and his family go on a trip to Africa, but Caillou plays around and ends up blowing the plane up, but they survive and after Caillou mentions he forgot to brush his teeth, Dr. Rabbit shows up censored by Colgate and tries to rape him.

Later, a person (Martin Ssempa) speech against homosexuals is given, but Caillou, not knowing what he is talking about, takes the opposite argument and tries to eat his own shit, and everyone chases him out. A hot air balloon is ready to carry Caillou and his family out of Africa, but he arrives too late and they leave him behind, causing the tribes people to get Caillou, and it doesn't end well for him as they leave and one got Caillou's head.


  • Later airings of this episode were replaced with Lost and Found.
  • it was aired on Adult Swim once at 3 AM.
  • It is rumoured that it will be marked as "made for kids" by YouTube.
  • The Speaker is Martin Ssempa.
  • The scene where Caillou dies was from the movie The Naked Prey.
  • This was inpirsed by King Harkinian is Attacked by an Army of Angry Black Men.