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Bardock AKA The Beast is a Saiyan and the true badass of the entire race. He even makes Broly looks like he was raised from a trash can. He was born before the Saiyans even took over the Planet Vegeta.

Why Am I Blond..


Bardock grew up to develop a crack addiction which led him to believe that Lord Freezer, partner of the Saiyans, would kill every single one of them. He was banished from the planet due to his idiotic actions. Before he left, he decided to take on Freiza but ultimately failed when Bardock mentioned he looked a fuck face. Freiza then kicked him all the way to Earth, where he landed in Ireland.

There, Bardock invented bar fights which became quickly adopted by the government as a past time. Bardock also introduced Whiskey, beer, and all other forms of alcohol as well. Bardock also formed Ireland's military, which became powerful enough to blow up every McDonald's in Murica. Due to his drunken acts, he was seen as a horrible influence by Sparta and the Mushroom Kingdom. Bardock, like any person who didn't care, went to both countries and laid a smack down on both of the country's leaders. He was arrested by the Mario Bros. but escaped jail by blowing it up.



  • Lord Freezer
  • Broly
  • Tirek
  • You
  • Murica
  • Fatasses
  • Dodoria in a swim suit