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Start of program (S1)

The Barney Bunch Reboot arrived October 19 2000. It consists of segments that remind us of the original Barney Bunch.

Also, only 5 of the members from the original one went to the Barney Bunch Reboot, and 5 new members joined. In this reboot, you can also send mail to the Barney Bunch. They do fun activities that make the Original Barney Bunch fans do it. It also has more abilities than the original one.

The new abilities are:

  • Narrating the funding for the series
  • Saying BMail posts.
  • Bleeping bad words in the series.


Season 1

  • Drew Pickles (Cast member 1 and Leader)
  • Barney the Dinosaur (Cast member 2 and Co-leader)
  • Arthur (Cast member 3)
  • Pennywise (Cast member 4)
  • Clifford (Cast member 5)
  • Colby the Computer (Cast member 6)
  • Psalty the Blue Songbook (Cast member 7)


  • It has a game that will come soon for the Xbox and Wii.
  • It airs on PBS adults the same time as the video game release.