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 Barney Gumble is a character from The Simpsons. He is the town drunk of Springfield, a huge fan of Lord Palmerston, and Homer Simpson's best friend. His desperation for alcohol is a frequent butt of jokes on the show.

Barney spends most of his time watching "stuff" on TV and the other time getting drunk on almost anything. Like every other adult on The Simpsons, Barney is a metrosexual, a drunk, and mentally retarded. Barney is pretty the embarrassment to the city of Springfield.

Despite his major alcoholic problems, when he's drunk, he is the most powerful man the world has seen. He was able to throw Jackie Chan into a garbage truck while drunk with his pinkie. He once finished every single beer inside Moe's Tavern.

While drunk, he has no control of his actions. He robbed the Maze Bank Building because his beer was way too strong. He was even able to sneak into secret military bases without getting shot on sight.