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Template:Character InformationBarney is the main antagonist of the two YouTube Poops of Barney's Spammer Camp for Little Twerps by Surround Productions.


Unlike in his infamous show Barney and Friends, Barney is entirely evil and he doesn't care about anyone, hinted when Frozone looks for his soup. In the second part, it is also mentioned that he only ran the camp for money. He also seems not to care about anything, including the kids. His true enemy is most likely Frozone since that he never gave an exact answer to where his supersuit was, and seemed not to really care.

Powers and Weaknesses

In Part 2 of Barney's Spammer Camp, it's seen that Barney can morph into a new persona called "Devil Barney" .

Evil Barney

He really sucks at RPG Battles, and failed two. Frozone killed him with 5 shots from his pistol, and Mr. Incredible killed him with a nuke. All he really used was his theme song and other persona.

Frozone vs Barney in an RPG Battle


YTP Barney's Spammer Camp for Little Twerps Part 2


The same version of Barney is to appear in an upcoming YTP by Surround Productions or an unconfirmed second channel.


YTP Barney's Spammer Camp for Little Twerps