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Battlerock Space Station

Battlerock Galaxy is the headquarters of the Nikolaist Government. The galaxy has all 2,500 workers as its population. It is located somewhere near the asteroid belt of Jupiter but it's not like you'll be able to find the damn place.

It also works as a secret base of Mushroom Kingdom and Mother Russia.


Battlerock was founded by Vladimir Makarov. It was given to him as his birthday present. Since Makarov's death, his soldier Viktor owns the place. In the year 3033, Robin took over as the newer CEO. Robin would rule Battlerock Galaxy for the rest of his immortal life just to wait to be recognized as a hero like his master.


  • Viktor - Former CEO of Battlerock (2000-3033)
  • Mario - He was caught stealing Power Stars from the station but works as a guard officer.
  • Luigi - Same as Mario
  • Vladimir Makarov - Owned it until his death
  • Robin (3033 - Current)
  • The Joker - Mascot (AKA Campus Douche)


Battlerock cannot be seen with a telescope. Only Nikolaists can see it on August 7th every year at 9pm. Sadly, NASA is too dumb to see it even with X250 magnification (which is why they fell behind). Robin just use Battlerock Galaxy to prove that he is loyal to his neighborhood and make sure those people who treated him like an idiot, pay for their crimes.

People not allowed on Premises

  • Dr. Robotnik - Killed Makarov
  • Sergeant Foley - Prisoner of war
  • Trevor and his company - Who would let that psychopath and his factory of madness near the place?
  • FSB Troopers - They would kill everyone.
  • Bowser - Always trying to ambush Mario and Luigi.
  • Bronies - Battlerock Galaxy is a No-Brony zone since they didn't pay taxes.
  • Freddy and the animatronics - also because Foxy bit Robin for calling him a stupid fox. Robin almost died.
  • Broly - To powerful to keep on premises. Also because he hit Vladimir with a paper dart.
  • Freiza - Same as Broly and because he claimed to have more power than Robin.
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