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On the Internet, memes are king dead.

Behind the Meme
Full Name Kyle Bryce
Aliases Ky
Background Information
Status Alive, Possibly Retired
Likes Your suggestions on Memes and Trends, His Normie fans, Nickelback, Pokemon, Soccer, Karate, Nintendo 64, Smoking Weed, Music, Writing, YouTube, Money, Sonic 06.
Dislikes Human interaction, Sex (Makes him vomit), "Misery", "Pain", "Sadness", "Worry", "Sorrow", Cancer (only the IRL type), Being creative, Criticism, Not being a normie piece of shit.
Nationality Murica
Occupation McDonalds
Killing memes
Source Know Your Meme
Sexual Orientation Bisexual (only into furries)
Religion Atheist
Physical Description
Species Normie
Gender Male
Age 28
Hair Color Black
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Brown
Height Unknown
Weight 205
Breast Size
Power Level -9001
Family Loving Funny Mom, 2 sisters, Step-dad (Dead Retired Police officer), Dad, brother
Friends Kim Jong Un
Adolf Hitler
Ajit Pai
His dick
Enemies The Outsiders
Anthony Fantano
YouTube Channel
Channel Behind the Meme
Date Joined August 12, 2016 as Behind the Meme
2010 as his first channel
Content The same shit over and over again
Stock images
Plagiarizing KnowYourMeme
Subscribers Circa 780 thousand
(Most of them are bots)
Views Circa 95 million
(Also bots)

Behind the Meme is a YouTube channel that talks about internet memes and trends, but that later results in the meme being dead, because he Ruined them, such as Crash Bandicoot's Woah Meme. His real name is Kyle Bryce.

How Behind the Meme Ruins Memes

Behind the Meme ruins popular memes through a simple process. First, he gives a meme to the normies. The normies, not knowing how to properly use the meme, proceed to overuse the meme. The meme then becomes so overused that it quickly loses favor with everyone, thus causing the meme to die. He is also being racist like saying "Censored Bar.png" to the memes, like how Keemstar behaves.


  • Due to his mother having cancer, Ky drove at the age of 14.
  • Because of the rainbow, he's instantly gay.
  • The first video he "explained" is D***s Out For Harambe.
  • Worse than Sonic '0666.
  • He has recently killed the #.
  • Is a descendant of Adolf Hitler
  • He fantasizes about having sex with woman, but sticks to Furries because they both deserve to burn.
  • Robbie Rotten wanted to hide Behind the Meme's "Censored Bar.png Moment", so that he could prevent you and your kid(s) watching it.
  • Surprisingly, he likes hate videos. It's because he gets noticed more.
    • Despite this, they ruined his career.
  • He only has six supporters on Patreon.
    • And all of them are f***ing normie trash
  • Channels "related" to Behind the Meme include PewDiePie and DramaAlert.
  • This is one video about Crash Bandicoot's Woah meme that was taken down by PinkieOats.
  • Claims to be the eminent source of meme knowledge (spoiler: He isn't) and promotes himself as such.
  • 90% of his videos' content is filler so they have to be condensed in order to be somewhat understandable.
  • His editing skills are so amazing he can continuously make videos with the exact same format and music (sarcasm), with the only change being from 2008 reaction gifs to 2009 landscapes.
  • After all the hate he got, he feels sad, lonely and of course, depressed


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