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Group of Beliebers

Beliebers are animals infested by the deadly virus known as Bieber Fever. They are rude bullies who have been brainwashed to annoy the crap out of anyone that does not like female superstar Miley Cyrus sorry I mean Justin Bieber. They constantly stalk Drake Bell. They also hate Broly because of his Anti-Bieber comments.


They look exactly like regular humans.


Beliebers protesting OCCUPY BIEBER!!!

Last year, Beliebers started a protest known as OCCUPY BIEBER to kill people who didn't like Bieber. This included many zurg rushes. They later stopped after a hater kidnapped Bieber threatened to cut off Justin's hair.

Walking Dead

Beliebers tried to sue the creators of the Walking Dead TV series, claiming that they had used images of them on the show without permission. The case was dropped when it turned out they had just gotten confused since the zombies looked exactly like them.

Rodent control

Since Beliebers have a similar DNA structure as rats, rodent control helps many times to stop the butthurts. Sometimes, the WHO hires them to be lab rats & test out poisons.


They have occupied these locations:

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