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Belle is currently the only known virgin in the YouTube Poop universe. She is always lost in her fantasy world as she so eagerly searches for meaning in her life, meaning she's never had sex before. Gaston, however, tried to guide her to the real world, but since Belle is such a stuck up little woman, this didn't go well.

A fact few people don`t know, is that jane from Tarzan is a Descended from her.


Belle knows nothing other than reading books, which had become her reality. Because of this, she is unable to come to terms with the world outside her house. Belle's social skills make you look like a stallion. She wonders why she has no friends since she doesn't know that walking in the middle of the road causing pileups because she has a book only a few nanometers away from her face is not exactly encouraged.


  • Flowers
  • Books
  • Gaston
  • Mirrors



  • Your hamburger