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"Fry old buddy, it's me - Bender!"
– Bender before killing his best friend

"Bite my shiny metal ass"
– Bender


Bender Rodriguez is an alcoholic bending unit from the future. He was inspected my the mysterious inspector 5, who he later tried to kill. To this day, Bender does nothing productive.


Bender has an addictive personality, meaning that he literally needs alcohol to survive (alcohol is his fuel), and smokes constantly. Bender is very rude, and only cares about himself. Bender only has one goal in life - to kill all humans, even though his best friend was a human...before Bender killed him.


Bender was created in Mexico in the year 2998. He was then inspected by inspector 5, who passed him despite him not having a backup unit. Bender then moved to New New York (since Moar destroyed New York), and got his dream job - a criminal. After the life of crime failed for him, he tried to kill himself only to fail.

He then met Fry, who he used as bait. After ten years, Bender realized that Fry was holding him back, and then killed him. Somehow the court ruled Bender innocent, and he then went on a killing spree.

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