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benedict cumberbatch has a weak ass dab

Benedict cumberbatch is an otter looking motherfucker who can shape shift. He was in "Sherlock" (a movie about mario having an anl sex problem), two girls one cup (as the cup), bee movie, ice age (as sid the sloth), hotel mario and a Serbian film (as a bed).


Benedict Cumberbatch was born on the 19th of July 1976. Benedict Cumberbatch's perants are Sid the Sloth, kim kardashian and all 3 of the Chipettes (they all have dicks). They had an orgy in Hitlers stinky ass bunker.

at age 5 Benedict Cumberbatch's face was squoshed by an intergalactic space tyre. So now he looks like a greesy otter.

at age 12 was a chipmunk pussy destroyer. the only way he could get laid was by doing chipmunks, otters and slothes. 

now hes a dank ass actor who can shape shift.


  • his sexy wife
  • otters
  • chipmunks
  • hitler's dead corpse
  • making quotes for edgy teenage girls to fap to
  • looking like a plank of wood