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"Every nest has its queen, but this, this is the king of all dragons"
– Valka to Hiccup HTTYD 2

Bewilder beast is the dragon to rule all dragons.

It controls all dragon, all but the babys.

There very few of them left in the wild. They don`t bearth fire, they bearth ice and use this to make a save place for dragons everywhere.

something eles that sets them apart from LET`S SAY SMAUG is the fact they don`t fly but they are great swimmers.


you get them in two colors

  • what they feed on is unknown. it's possible they feed on deep sea squid  and fish, dude to there teeth that are very small compared to there huge size.
  • they must sometimes face up to godzilla, sometimes. And there must come an epic fight out of it too.
  • we don`t know if it can get control over Smaug or Alduin