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"Big Brother is alyays watching you, or was it the other way around?"

Big Brother is another one of those dumb reality show that Muricans are obsessed with. The plot of the show is that a bunch of retards are put in a house and have to life there while doing stupid things.

The show itself is so powerful that it is the leader of Murica, looping it around and giving it dictatorlike influence. Like that has never happened before..


  • Bucko "BillyBob" Steve - The Head of the House, he is the "Big Brother"
  • Murica Murica - The smartest character in the show. His IQ is 6, 12% the IQ of any other character
  • Rockeye Steve - The idiot. He always causes power outages by sticking his dick in the toaster.
  • Paula Deen - The Fat redneck cook. She can't get enough butter.