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Big Fat Meanie is a villain of the Spingebill universe and owner of Mrs. Puff's Boating School. She's also known as Mrs. Puff.

She has the largest criminal record In Bikini bottom. Little is known about her past, but many dark secrets have been hinted. After regretfully giving her homicidal student Spongebob a driver's license, she had flashbacks of her past before coming to Bikini Bottom and starting Mrs. Puff's Boating School. Durring this, she said "I have to leave town and start a new boating school with a new name. No... Not again. I have to end this before it begins." This is proof that Mrs. Puff isn't her real name.

Mr. Krabs is attracted to Mrs. Puff due to his thicc girl fetish. Spongebob says that there was once a Mr. Puff, but Mrs. Puff doesn't like to talk about it.

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The most concerning and mysterious thing about the Big Fat Meanie is that the front entrance of her house features a framed image of her entering her house. This framed picture debuted in a scene that features her entering her front door. It's most likely that she took this picture with a trans dimensional camera.

Durring a day teaching at the boating school, Rick pat shapeshifted himself into Patrick star to mentally damage Mrs. Puff. This resulted to the infamous Big Fat Meanie propaganda drawing.

Mrs. Puff was in a relationship with Moar Krabs but regularly cheats on him and performs sexual acts with Bubblebass. To this day, Moar krabs is still unaware.

She is very thicc and can inflate her body. Sometimes when inflated she develops a evil deep voice due to her split personality disorder.

Much like Realistic Mrs. Puff, she is offended by inflation fetishes, but is deeply intrigued by vore.