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"Big Smoke Enterprises, the one place for drugs!"
– Big Smoke

Big Smoke Enterprises
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Inside of Factory


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$690,000 per week

Big Smoke Enterprises is a large business in downtown Los Santos. It is a major corporation there as it controls over half of the districts there. They are most commonly known for bank robberies, providing weed, and selling killer animatronic bears.


The Enterprise was founded by Big Smoke in the year 2034 as a way to generate money. He ruled over the enterprise up to the year 2078. On that year, the Murican Government made a hostile takeover of the enterprise and killed Big Smoke in the raid. However, rather than shutting it down, they decided to keep it open and take 90% of the revenue.


The Enterprise offers multiple jobs:

  • Doorman -> Basically runs warehouses and storage facilities
  • Tailor -> The lowest job. Makes clothes and crap
  • Driver -> The getaway driver for a heist
  • Sharpshooter -> Guards warehouses
  • Informant -> Gets any important information
  • Uglyman -> Distracts police. Often dies

Spread in 3000

After the 21st millennium, Big Smoke Enterprises was spread across the United States to provide those services. The HQ was also moved from Los Santos to the barren deserts of Nevada where they wouldn't be bothered by government. Despite their odd location, multiple people were able to find the place because they were also located next to a Six Flags.