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Bigfoot is a creature from the 2012 film of the same name. In this film, he is different from his normal appearance, as he is much, much larger.latest?cb=20150109033023


A legendary beast, Bigfoot’s existence has been scoffed at for decades. However, within the forests around Deadwood, the hairy giant existed. When the town began clearing fifty acres of woodland for a rock music festival, it greatly disturbed the brute. He killed several workers and destroyed numerous pieces of machinery, but without any true evidence of its existence, the festival went ahead on schedule. During the actual event, the blasting microphones and loud music infuriated the monster. It attacked, finally showing itself to the world at large! Dozens were killed, including iconic rock star Alice Cooper, and as the beast returned to the sanctuary of its forest, Deadwood was declared in a state of emergency.

The National Guard was deployed and began to hunt the huge beast, all the while a lone activist sought to protect it. Simon Quint, realizing the creature was the last of its kind, did everything to try and sway the public’s opinion of the monster, but when it began rampaging again, nothing he could do could possibly save it from certain doom. The monster was on constant forage, its body also confused due to the sudden snowstorm that hit at the very end of spring. 

Being tracked by guardsmen, the beast was finally hit by an explosive tank round. However, the blast merely burned and wounded the animal. In pain, Bigfoot was even more aggressive and began killing at large. Its journey took it to the massive Mount Rushmore where it scaled the faces of the presidents. As it stood atop the monument, a strike was ordered against it. At the same time, Simon and Harley Anderson, a man obsessed with either killing or capturing the beast for fame and fortune, struggled against one another. After Harley slipped from the mountain and his arm was grabbed by his rival, Simon reached out for Bigfoot for help. The ape seemed to understand and began to reach out, but the squad of jetfighters had arrived. Numerous rockets pounded the face of Abraham Lincoln, sending the three falling to their deaths. The legendary Bigfoot was quickly killed, buried under thousands of tons of rock that was once the face of one of America’s greatest presidents.