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Bill Nye staring into nothingness.

William "Bill" Nye is an anti-science person who plots for the downfall of all advancements by bringing the world back to the Dark Ages. He is in a pact with Weegee. Bill Nye also teaches young kids to use the power of science to create a massive downfall. He has an entire army of kids who are willing to experiment on the planet.

Bill Nye has also been accused of many other crimes against the YouTube Poop World. He was eventually sent to jail because he committed over 9000 extreme crimes, the most evil being several cases of Grand Theft Balloon. Bill spends the rest of his immortality inside an indestructible UNSC

During the Cold War He tried to destroy the world but the UTUBETROLLPOLICE stopped him because if the internet got destroyed, there wouldn't be anyone to troll with the gender spectrum.


Nye was born in 1666. He spent his time trying to stop the Enlightenenment from happening, burning copies of Newton's theory of gravity. Weegee saw the potential of him, and granted him immortality.

In 2014, he debated Hen Kam on who was more of an idiot. Nye won the debate, officially making him even more of an idiot for even debating Kam.

He battled Newton in a rap battle. It was in an Epic Rap Battles of History and he lost because Newton had better raps than him.

He also later created his own anime, "Bill Nye Saves the World", where he saves the world by talking about science.