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Blue's Clues was a children’s show that ran from 1996-2006 on Nickelodeon. The show was originally hosted by Steve Burns. Joe comes to hosts the show when Steve gets too high. The show is popular in YouTube Poops and Internet memes. A spin off called Blue's Room was later ran between 2004 and 2007. This show is best known for being Sheriff Woody's favorite show. The Blue's Clues house resides in a neighborhood near Sesame Street.

A reboot is released in November 11, 2019.



Steve is an incompetent stoner, who is the main character of the show. He has an IQ less than 60 making him think his salt and his house hold items can talk, but he can count to 3.

Any 'hard' tasks that he has to do, he consults You. Also, when he gets high, which is one third of the episodes, Joe is forced to fill in.


Joe is the non-stoner older brother of Steve. He appears to replace Steve when he gets high.


The guy who replaces Steve/Joe in the UK version.


The Portuguese host.


The North American English host of the 2019 reboot. Third North American English host overall. He is also the first Filipino-American host.

Animated Characters


Blue is an idiotic dumbass, even for a dog. It rampantly runs around, and leaves navy paw prints in seemingly random places.

When Steve gets high, he can analogies to the point where he thinks he knows why Blue does so.


Blue's Clues - Steve Gets Rick Rolled-0


Mailbox is an anthropomorphic mailbox that likes to rick-roll Steve. He does so by saying Steve got mail, but instead shows Rick Astley.

Sidetable Drawer

Despite Steve's beliefs, side table is just a regular table. But when Steve gets high (pretty frequently), he has vivid hallucinations of side table being alive.

Mr. Salt

Steve's/Joe's talking salt shaker. He talks to Steve and Joe in their heads.

Mrs. Pepper

Steve's/Joe's talking pepper shaker. She talks to Steve and Joe in their heads.

Paprika and Cinnamon

The some how kids of Salt and Pepper.

Tickety Tock

Steve's/Joe's talking clock who isn't really alive.

Slippery Soap

He comes to life when Steve/Joe is on drugs in the bathtub or on the toilet.

Felt People

The people in the picture who come to life when Steve/Joe is on acid.

The Snails

They appear randomly in the background when Steve/Joe is on weed.


An OC version of Blue. Neighbor on the right. She has glasses in later seasons but got contacts or laser surgery in the reboot.


A stray cat. Neighbor on the left.

Other People


Steve, Like Luigi refers to You on a regular basis, often asking for help on simple things like counting or looking for something that is easily spotted. The fact that he would refer to You, shows how incompetent Steve really is.