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"Yo moma so fat..."
– The last words BPR heard before going insane

Sucks at life

The Blue Power Ranger is one of the many power rangers that have existed since 121 BC. Similar to the rest of the power rangers, the blue was summoned to destroy protect the Earth. The Blue Power Ranger became one through an evil act.


Just like all the other power rangers, the blue one committed a crime. The ranger was a sensitive punk who hated "Yo Mama Jokes". His friend told him one and he became mentally unstable and drowned his friends. Cornholio punished him and made him become the blue ranger until he dies.

Defeating Him

The only way to pin him down is by telling incredibly funny Yo Moma Jokes to him. It will cause him to go into a state of shock.

Likes and Dislikes


  • Water
  • Fucking up the Red Ranger
  • Killing People
  • Stealing from people
  • Beating up Ronald McDonald
  • Minecraft


  • People who make Fire
  • Batman
  • Sonic (because he is blue)
  • People with an IQ of negative one
  • Terraria
  • Nikolaists
  • Yo Momma Jokes


  • The same as Aquaman
  • Water
  • Drinking over 9000 beers without getting drunk
  • Able to lift 1 lb
  • Taking a massive shit
  • Being just as stupid as Nappa