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The Blue Screen of Death, also known as the BSOD, is a death screen that appears every time you lose a game, when your computer crashes, or when you die in real life. It is also an effect to some YouTube Poops.

When you run out of memory or when you have a virus, a glitchy blue screen appears in place of the iconic one.

Times When the Blue Screen Appears

  • Right when you're about to save your 50,000 word essay for High School Final Exams that you worked all night on
  • When you are very close to beating an extremely hard boss in a game
  • When you get deaf by a Roblox Death Sound.
  • When you know you are dead
  • When you are trying to play a video game on an old/low-end computer.
  • Viruses
  • Blah, blah, blah.
  • Trump winning the election in 2020.
  • Having AGK use your electronics.
  • Deleting System32 or Cssrss.exe
  • Trying to play a Scratch project that is heavy on sprites and effect.
  • 7 beeps of death when trying to start up your old Dell Inspiron.
  • Not wearing a mask during the COVID-19 season.
  • Calling climate change a hoax
  • Being tested positive on COVID-19.
  • Being insulted by Gordon Ramsay
  • Always getting into a large, heated, and abusive argument with your parents.
  • When HowToBasic moved in your house (and destroyed everything inside).
  • When you got a fail screen.
  • When the Goodball fail literally crashes the game (and the whole Windows 10).
  • When Corruptick bites the floor of your room, therefore, crashing you and your whole house, and your life.
  • When people called you names like "stupid" or "retard" just because you voted for Biden.
  • When your city defund the police.

Times it stops being a freaking

  • Never