Blue Screen of Death


The Blue Screen of Death, also known as the BSOD, is a death screen that appears every time you lose a game, when your computer crashes, or when you die in real life. It is also an effect to some YouTube Poops.

Glitchy Blue Screen.jpeg
When you run out of memory or when you have a virus, a glitchy blue screen appears in place of the iconic one.

Times When the Blue Screen Appears

  • Right when you're about to save your 50,000 word essay for High School Final Exams that you worked all night on
  • When you are very close to beating an extremely hard boss in a game
  • When you get deaf by a Roblox Death Sound.
  • When you know you are dead
  • When you are trying to play a video game on an old/low-end computer.
  • Viruses
  • Blah, blah, blah.
  • Trump winning the election in 2020.
  • Having AGK use your electronics.
  • Deleting System32 or Cssrss.exe
  • Trying to play a Scratch project that is heavy on sprites and effect.
  • 7 beeps of death when trying to start up your old Dell Inspiron.
  • Not wearing a mask during the COVID-19 season.
  • Calling climate change a hoax
  • Being tested positive on COVID-19.
  • Being insulted by Gordon Ramsay
  • Always getting into a large, heated, and abusive argument with your parents.
  • When HowToBasic moved in your house (and destroyed everything inside).
  • When you got a fail screen.
  • When the Goodball fail literally crashes the game (and the whole Windows 10).
  • When Corruptick bites the floor of your room, therefore, crashing you and your whole house, and your life.
  • When people called you names like "stupid" or "retard" just because you voted for Biden.
  • When your city defund the police.

Times it stops being a freaking

  • Never
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