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Bobobo-bo Bobo-bo


is the crown jewel of the anime industry. It was made solely to demonstrate the awfulness of Japanese entertainment and generate genuine lulz in doing so.

A disturbing number of anime fans shun this work of art for being "stupid", but they really only hate it for not being a weepy soap opera like the rest of the crap they watch.


Like every anime, the plot is generic and lazy, but this is intentional. A black guy and his gang of anime archetypes stand up to an evil empire that wants to ban hair. The plot is largely ignored since even the characters aren't interested in it.


Like a harem anime, all of the characters are pulled out of the official "How to Make a Shit Anime" guide. Bobobo does this and then exaggerates them to incomprehensible extremes.

  • Bobobo: The one hero that can stand up the evil army of jerks

    Typical episode.

  • Don Patch: Cross dressing gay guy
  • Jelly Jiggler: Joke fighter
  • Beauty: Useless girl who only yells at people
  • Gasser: The ordinary boy who receives an unusual power and wants to learn how to control it
  • Softon: The mysterious guy who turns out to be Beauty's long lost brother
  • Torpedo Girl: Invincible "hero"
  • Dengaku Man: The cute pet with no purpose