Bombs away

Mario prepares to defuse a bomb (the wrong way).

Bombs are Morshu's weapon of choice. They are usually sold in a deluxe pack along with a lamp oil and a rope, part of Morshu's shop. Any scene on a YouTube Poop with bombs in it will normally have him (or at least his voice) in it. 

People Who Use Bombs

Types of Bombs

All of these bombs can be sold at Morshu's shop. Just make sure you have enough rupees. 

  • Dynamite
  • TNT (Also inside Creepers from Minecraft)
  • Timed Fuse Bomb
  • Bomb-Bots (Essentially a bomb that will actually jump on its victims and blows up whenever it wants, also seen in the SpongeBob game Battle for Bikini Bottom)
  • Nitro Bomb (These bombs will explode if Crash Bandicoot touches them)
  • Bob-omb (Walking bombs created by Bowser)
  • C4 
  • PE4
  • Grenades (GRENADAAAAAAAAA!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!)
  • GRENADA!! (The Mini Nuke created by the Nikolaism supporters)
  • Pie Bomb (Used by Squidward in an attempt to kill SpongeBob)
  • Atom Bomb (What the Fu-BOOOOOOM!!!)
  • Garbage Bomb (Used by Skodwarde to attack the Krusty Krab)
  • Cake Bomb (Used by Plankton for his own sick amusement)
  • Breach Charge
  • Kicker Charge
  • IEDs
  • Claymores
  • Bouncing Betty (WHAT?!! Propane Tank?)
  • Semtex
  • New Year's Eve Bomb (Used by Lucas and his allies)
  • Stickybomb (Used by Demoman)
  • DNA Bomb (Used by Jonathan Irons to turn the ponies into zombies)
  • Chemical bomb (In Call of Duty MW3 during Makarov's blitzkrig against Europe)
  • Splat Bomb (Used by Inkling during turf wars)
  • Smiley Bomb (Commonly found in Unithorn's Lair)
  • Acetone Peroxide
  • Pipipis (Exploding suicidal penises with acetone peroxide inside of them)
  • Killer Queen (Also, Sheer Heart Attack)