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"I see you trying to close that door"
– Bonnie trying to kill Security Guards


V1 Bonnie is an animatronic in FNAF 2. V1 Bonnie is the pretty much the only animatronic in which you can think "Surprise Motherfucker". This guy is why Scott Cawthon put a warning on the game. It's also why Chuck E Cheese dumped the idea of robotic mascots.

The Truth

FNAF 1 was a decent horror game and the Bonnie from that game was a freakshow. Then Toy Bonnie came along. At first, that seemed legit but Scott Cawthon said "Fuck That". In a greater attempt to scare the living crap out of us, this freaky version of Bonnie is here to stay. So if you don't mind, we must put on a spare set of pants in case we shit ourselves if he comes out.


He comes into your office, you assume your screwed. He leaves briefly after the static crap. You think your ok and as you check your camera to wind up the music box, you are cut off as he prepares to brutally eat you or stuff you into an empty suit. Hopefully you didn't shit your pants at that time. Think how unmanly it is to do so because of a rabbit, ESPECIALLY this fool. If you have shit your pants because of him though, poor you

He Will Find you in less than 30 seconds......

Oh crap (not really). It's 10/20 mode. Screw The Puppet, screw Golden Freddy, screw Chica, screw You. Worry about Bonnie. He will come in unexpectedly and screw you all up. Make sure you don't forget to wind up the box too! Using a formula totally unrelated to this, we predict Bonnie will kill you at least 5 times before you either rage quit or die of a heart attack.



  • His face being gone
  • Foxy (For a few reasons, but mainly because he has to be crammed in Pirate's Cove with Foxy, and Foxy keeps on telling Bonnie pirate stories)
  • Pirate Stories
  • Pirate Cove
  • Toy Bonnie (For stealing his face and his career)

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