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Drew's bastard daughter

Bonnie is a character from Pokemon. Bonnie was the bastard loli daughter of Drew Pickles and Bella Swan. Drew hates his daughter and so he decided to murder her.

Birth and Family

Bonnie was born on March 8 at King's Landing to Drew Pickles and a recently turned vampire Bella Swan. The child was born with golden hair and she was mildly retarded and insane. She claimed to be related to Joffrey Baratheon from Game of Thrones. She even developed the mannerisms of Joffrey.

Edward Cullen hated the daughter of his ex-wife and a mortal. He tried to kill her, but failed due to Jacob Black defending Bella. Edward warned her that Bonnie was cursed by the blood of the Pickles family. Edward said, "they were destined to be murdered by the family monster known as the Purple Guy."

"Take Your Daughter to Work Day" (aka Murder)

Drew took Bonnie to Freddy Fazbear's Sister Location and she started to play with Baby. Baby had a deadly glitch and she killed Bonnie by pulling the young girl into her. This murder proved that Edward was right about the Pickles family curse.

Bonnie's soul was trapped in Baby's body wanting to be set free. When Drew started to regret the murder, he traveled there where Baby helped out Drew (who was under the alias of William Afton) but Baby/Bonnie was destroyed and built into Enard. Enard scooped Drew and became part of him... Enard slowly turned Drew into the Purple Guy.

Bonnie and pikachu prostitute

The soul of Bonnie took on a human form and traveled with Ash Ketchum, her adopted brother Clemont, and Serena in the Kalos Region. The Zygarde Core known as Squishy later joined her in the journey.


  • Ash Ketchum
  • Serena
  • Bella Swan
  • Dedenne
  • Squishy

Bonnie and her rape face


  • Drew Pickles for letting her die
  • Being trapped in Limbo
  • Enard
  • Team Rocket (especially Beavis and Butthead)
  • Being hypnotized (there was one episode where Bonnie in the XY series was brainwashed by a psychic type Pokemon)
  • other loli girls