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Boorai the Dank is a cartoon character created by Joey Dew Memes from the Blendy series. Much like other cartoon characters such as Blendy and Alice MLG, BorAI starred in a series of popular Blendy cartoon shorts one hundred years before the meme's downfall.

Boorai was the result of Joey Dew Memes creating a best friend for Blendy, who would get bored easily. They created Boorai mainly to keep things interesting, but he quickly evolved into one of the company's favorite characters. He was created by HenryTron sometime after the creation of Blendy in 4420, but the record book of Joey Dew Memes, states that Joey was the person who created him.

Boorai has a great love of food. Boris has a mostly simple-minded, lackadaisical attitude and therefore does not seem to care much for those around him. He has moments of being clumsy and will get cross when he is disturbed by his activities. In "Haunted Hijinx", Boris seems to be a bit of a trickster and can outsmart most characters, as seen when Boris wears a ghost costume to scare Bendy off, and then proceeds to take his trick-or-treat candy basket. From the "Snow Sillies" cartoon, Boris is shown to be an opportunist, as seen when he snatches the carrot that Bendy used for a nose when the latter's snowman melted. Boris' description in Bendy in Nightmare Run and Joey Drew Studios Employee Handbook implies that he can be a faithful friend as long as he isn't distracted by food.