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Boris Johnson
Full Name Alexander Boris de Pfeffel Johnson
Aliases "The Man"~By Gaston"
Background Information
Status Fucking Dead
Alignment Evil
Sexual Orientation Straight
Religion The State
Physical Description
Species Human?
Gender Male
Age 57
Hair Color
Fur Color
Feather Color
Eye Color Blue
Height 5 Feet 9 Inches
Breast Size
Power Level
Family Draco Malfoy (Nephew)

Lucius Malfoy (Brother)

Date Joined

Boris Johnson was a fucking tyrant who pretended to like freedom so he could get in charge of the UK and then begin oppressing them. Fortunately, he was murdered by Gaston after he tried to impose another lockdown.

Early Life

Boris was born in Liberty City and raised by two generic White people who claimed to be British. When he learned about the American Revolution in school he decided that he hated freedom and democracy and he vowed to Zeus that he would end it.

Early Political Career

Boris eventually moved to the UK and began his political career where he took over London and tried to start oppressing the people there but then he learned that as mayor of London he couldn't take away people's freedoms because he didn't have the authority.


Brexit In A Nutshell

Meanwhile, the British people were suffering under the tyranny of the European Union. Boris knew that if he freed them from the EU he could take over Britain himself so he supported Brexit in order to gain the support of the people. After he freed the British from the EU, all the British loved him and made him Prime Minister. But now Boris could enact his evil plans for total domination. He explained his plans in his bragging rap "Boris Bop."


Boris met with other world leaders in Wuhan in December 2019 where they discussed how they were all planning abolish democracy and freedom in their countries by creating the Corona Virus and using it to put in restrictions that would effectively take away all the freedom that World War II soldiers had fought the Nazis and Japanese for decades earlier. Boris loved the plan and immediately acted to spread the virus into the UK and force the people to live under tyranny, and he enlisted the BBC to spread fear to make people go along with the lockdowns and restrictions because they were scared.

Reign of Terror

Over the next year, Boris took away all the freedoms of the British people. For months and months, the British people lived under his tyranny and suffered. They were not allowed to see their families or go to school and they cried out to God for him to send a deliverer. God heard their cries and sent them Gaston.


After he imposed yet another lockdown, Gaston finally got fed up and led the British people in a rebellion against Boris. Gaston snuck into where Boris was giving a speech and shot him in the head with an arrow, killing the evil tyrant once and for all. Following his death, all Covid-19 restrictions in the UK were immediately lifted and life went back to normal.

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