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Boromir trying to give advice but getting ignored.

Boromir was a brave warrior who hailed from Middle-earth and was the favorite child of the mentally unstable steward of Gondor, Denethor II (also known as crazy pants to some of the citizens who had the balls to call him that behind his back.) Boromir had a younger brother named Faramir. (Faramir was named Faramir so Denethor II could perhaps try to remember his name since it sounded close to his favorite son's name.

Boromir's New Life.

Faramir was lucky his father bothered naming him.) Boromir was known for being a powerful, cunning, and intelligent warrior who was skilled at dodging arrows to the knee. Boromir decided to help aid the Fellowship of the Ring after discovering it was found. Little did the Fellowship known that Boromir wanted to use the ring for himself to open Boromir's Beef Factory, a fast food service/sit down restaurant.

Boromir claimed he wanted to use it for his kingdom of Gondor, but he really planned to wipe out Gondor and make everyone in Gondor employees at his Beef Factory/prison. However over the course of the journey Boromir became a vegan over night and had no idea how. Boromir began to experience a rare form of male PMS, he became randomly violent and became very emotional, during his PMS he tried to take Frodo's ring from him. He then got over his PMS long enough to help save his friends Merry and Pippin, two friendly stoners. Sadly for Boromir he took an arrow to...everywhere.

Boromir then began to think about to think about his life and realized that there were many things he should have done in life. Then and there he decided to fake his own death, when Aragorn found him, he had been pretending he was dying from the arrows, but wasin fact wearing armor that protected him. He then lied down on the boat they sent him off in for his funeral, the boat ended up sailing into a different land, where he then took on the name Ned Stark and tried to create a new life. He also likes strawberries...