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Bowser inside his castle.

Bowser's Castle is a place lost in space and time. No one knows where it is, despite the best efforts of millions of people trying to find it. However, It appears as a course in Mario Kart. It's rumored to be outside the space time continuum. Or it is probably right around the corner next to a 7/11 and a Pizza Hut. Seriously though, Bowser put it in the most obvious place that not even you can see it.

The castle is guarded by Skele-douches who were originally from Minecraftia. It is pretty difficult to get inside. The only person to get inside was the Pesky Plumber. Those Skele-douches are actually undead Koopas named Dry Bones.



In the past, it was believed that Bowser's castle was located on Koridai, because that was where Ganon was. After Hyrule took it over, there was not a castle to be found. It is said that unimaginable treasure and dildos await if anyone ever finds this place. Of course, no one ever has because they are blind and it's RIGHT THERE.

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