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Bowser's Sourpuss Bread.png

Bread is processed wheat. They come in many different types. One of them is in the picture to the right. Bread is extremely toxic because it is processed and it's wheat content. It is also extremely unhealthy because there is trains fat holding it together. People has died to bread because of this. All you need to craft bread is 3 processed wheat raw in a crafting table.

Types of Bread

Despite being made of 3 raw processed wheat in a Crafting Table, There are Over 9000 types of bread, some of them include:

  • White (Uses less wheat and more preservatives)
  • Wheat (The original type of bread)
  • Yoga Mat (Only used by Subway, it is made mainly of Yoga Mat)
  • Sourpuss (Advertised by Bowser. This bread is made out of wheat and real Sourpusses)
  • Sourpuss Jr (Advertised by Bowser Jr. This bread is made out of wheat and real Sourpusses and Shrinkwheat)
  • Boing boing bread (Advertised by Lemmy Koopa , Wendy O. Koopa and Lommy Koopa and you sprout a big rubber ball and you bounce around)
  • Octopus Ink (Also called African Bread, it is actually made out of Asian Octopus ink and American wheat)
  • Honey (Made of fake honey and wheat)
  • Toxic (Made of preservatives and fake wheat)
  • Radioactive (Made from a nuclear power plant)
  • Moldy (Made out of fermented wheat and pure mold)
  • Corn (Made out of corn, high fructose corn syrup, and wheat)
  • Banana (Advertised by Donkey Kong. This bread is made out of wheat and bananas)
  • Red Dye 40 (Only used in McDonald's and Subway. Made out of Red Dye 40 and wheat)
  • Boneless (Made out of boneless wheat)
  • Living (Made out of wheat and Determination used in I M Bred)
  • Toast (Made out of any type of bread above. Cook it for 30-120 seconds.)
  • Canned (Use any type of bread and process it again to make a mush, then put it in a can.)

People who Eat Bread

People who Died