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"No matter the challenge, no matter what, we always deliver and never give up!"
– Breadwinners

What kind of butt is that?! Why did they make it so... shiny?!

The Breadwinners is a brainless TV Show from Nickelodeon (owned by Retarded Inc) created to destroy your mind and your innocence.


They were once a glorious race of strange-looking green ducks who only had one purpose in life: to deliver bread.  Sadly, this distinct duck species was reduced down to two when Da-Da tried to invade YouTube but made a wrong turn in the 9th Dimension and ended up on Robotnik's TV.  The only two Breadwinners that survived Da-Da's attacks were named SwaySway and Buhdeuce (weird, right?).  It's a wonder how these two were able to escape the wrath of Da-Da, because they're not the very best of the Breadwinners.  No sir, you can usually find them doing Barrel Rolls, singing and/or dancing, party punching, leveling up, eating the bread that was supposed to go to the customers, and crashing their Rocket Van.


SwaySway is the taller duck with an exceedingly thin body and abnormally large head which resulted from or resulted in a mental disorder which causes him to have temporary fits of insanity.  He likes wearing blue and has straight blond hair that's good for attracting mates.  He is the one who drives (and crashes) the Rocket Van.

Buhdeuce, on the other hand, is a small little duck shaped exactly like a ball, possibly due to dwarfism.  Due to his shape, Buhdeuce often does unique somersault tricks he calls "ninja rolls."  Unlike SwaySway, he wears a sporting red outfit.  Buhdeuce has the same blond hair as SwaySway but is curly. There is another version, entitled Dreadlosers.


  • Each other (Ya don't say!)
  • Viacom (LOL)
  • Miley Cyrus (Tell that to someone who cares!)
  • Delivering bread (Yawn!)
  • Leveling up (Boring!)
  • Party punching (Whatever!)
  • Their Rocket Van (Not impressed!)
  • Rapping (Seriously?)
  • Twerking (Or shaking their butts, ladies and gentleman, for those who don't know what that word means.)
  • Doing Barrel Rolls (Anything else?)
  • Farting (Done yet?)
  • The Breadmaker (That's it? Finally!)


Cap'N Crunch Chronicles

The Breadwinners (Or at least Buhdeuce) have(has) been confirmed to play a role of victims in the upcoming YTP series "Cap'N Crunch Chronicles". As the series is non-canonical to the other YTP series, the two infamous ducks will remain alive no matter what. The picture possibly confirming the duo had Buhdeuce stabbed by Cap'N Crunch, with the word 'The Breadwinners' written on the Captains kill list, and because of this, he is non-canonically deceased.

The picture confirming Buhdeuce.


  • Even though they claim to be ducks, they don't look like ducks at all.
    • Some have theorized that Viacom created them by fusing Pops' DNA (collected from his remains after the Regular Show finale, which would explain why they look like Regular Show rip-offs) with Dolan's DNA.
    • Another theory is that they were created by the evil scientist who runs the Kelpshake Stand (again, on Viacom's behalf).