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"Welcome to Bridge Town, where dildos are everything."

Bridge Town
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Bridge Town is the capital and one of the major cities within Minecraftia. It is located within the very center of the nation. It is the leading producer of retarded entertainment toys for the world.


Bridge Town is heavily industrialized. There is a bunch of smog from all of the dildo making factories. It's pretty crowded and has an overall populace of 234,000 people. Most hate it here because the police are corrupt and has no rights because Herobrine rules over everyone. The worst part is that the police use plastic bottles in order to stop civil disobedience.


Bridge Town refuses the help of all other cities and nations because they claim their dildo factories make them money (lies, all lies). Bridge Town has tried multiple times to secede from Minecraftia but has failed because of the annoying human named Steve. They are known to have nuclear missiles capable of making North Korea look like garbage.

With Murica

Bridge Town completely hates Murica. They cut off all connections, trade routes, and economic stuff in 2023. Before long, they became political enemies and went to war in the year 3040.

With Russia

Bridge Town has a neutral point with Russia. Occasional conflicts of which population has a bigger dick average and so. Basically, competitive stances.

With Terraria

Bridge Town hates Terraria because once they said that Bridge Town was just a waste of space in Minecraftia. Since then, Bridge Town is planning to destroy Terraria in a cold war.

With Arabia

Bridge Town has a friendly point with Arabia. They basically do the same thing everyday (making toys and building roads). Although Bridge Town is worried that Arabia's previous president's influence is still remaining in the nation.


Despite having conflict with multiple areas, they have a blazing economy that bags them more money than Bill Gates makes in a decade. Most of this comes from the naughty side of the city which has been doing that since 1969.


70% of the items produced here are toys. The other 30% being booze, guns, drugs, and cars fast enough to send you flying out the windshield.

Work Force

Bridge Town has a bunch of lazy chumps. Only 15% actually do work that is considered legit.

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Bridge Town.jpg
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